Among Us is an online multiplayer game that has become popular among children and young people in the last number of months. But what is it? How does it work and is it safe for children and young people?

Age Ratings

  • Among Us is rated PEGI 7+  due to mild violence.

  • On the Apple App Store, the game is rated as 9+.

  • Android use PEGI’s 7+  rating as guidance.

The games producers (InnerSloth) state in their privacy policy that the platform is not designed for children and defines a child as anyone under the age of 16.

What is it?

Among Us is a cartoon-like game that revolves around different players attempting to ascertain who is a friend and who is an enemy. Each player is given the role of either Crewmate or Imposter.

The aim of crewmates is to collectively complete small tasks and ascertain who is an imposter through deduction, deflecting attention away to others, and attempting to catch other users out. The aim of the imposter is to sabotage the crewmate’s mission and kill them, without being found out. This game quickly becomes a game of comical wit, manipulation, and backstabbing.

The game is played on various ‘maps’ and ends in the event of one of the following scenarios:

  • All imposters are dead and tasks completed  

  • There is an equal number of crewmates and imposters 

  • The imposters successfully sabotage enough missions 

Although the game has been around since 2018, its popularity skyrocketed during Summer 2020 due to lockdown restrictions and after several famous gaming ‘live streamers’ played it on their channels.

What should Parents and Carers be wary of on Among Us?

With all online games, there is always a risk involved. We have played Among Us and found some risks which we have highlighted below:

  • Among Us has two different game types, local’ and ‘online’. Playing local, means you are playing with people you know, whereas an online game means it is public and you can play with anyone online
  • The risk of playing with online strangers is amplified by a chat feature, which has been known to contain adult themes and use of profanity. This can be via voice and text. We recommend using the ‘chat-censor’ feature to filter explicit language in the chatbot. You can also choose to turn the chat feature off completely
  • Among Us collects user data and has in-app advertising. The App’s privacy policy states that this platform is not intended for the use of anyone under the age of 16 and will never ‘intentionally’ collect a child’s data, but remember, Among Us does not use age verification mechanisms

  • The game offers several in-app purchasing options, such as paying to remove advertising and buying different skins, hats, and pets. We would always recommend disabling in-app purchasing

  • For more information on staying safe, be sure to check out our Among Us resources on our Safety Centre

Although all online gaming comes with a level of risk, Among Us is a fun game to play with children and young people in your care. We would advise you to play the game, to familiarise yourself with its features and risks. 

For more guidance on keeping children and young people safe online, check out the Safeguarding Hub, where you will find lots of free resources for staying safe on various platforms.  

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