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The Home Learning Hub is our free library of resources to support parents and carers who are taking the time to help their children be safer online. We have adapted our classroom-based resources to make them easily accessible for everyone.

A brief description explains each resource, so once you are ready simply click the ‘download’ buttons.

Online Safety Shareables

For a bite-sized rundown of what you need to know, try our Online Safety Shareables! These resources are free for you to download and share with your school communities.

As a Safer School, you are able to download and share these on your organisation’s social media channels, newsletters, emails, and all other digital platforms!

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Keep Gamers Safer

Find useful resources, ideas and support for random acts of kindness day, online and offline.

My Child’s First Device

Check out this shareable for advice to help with setting up your child’s first device.

Replika: Your AI Friend

We are now seeing the mainstreaming of AI friends and support bots online.

Smart Speakers

Make sure you’re staying smart with your smart speakers like ‘Alexa’ and ‘Siri’.

What is the Metaverse?

What the metaverse is, how it will be used and the risks associated with it.

Metaverse and VR Buzzwords

Get up to speed with the Metaverse and VR using our online safety shareable.

Talking to your Child about War

Advice on talking to your child about war and helping them make sense of distressing news.

Having Supportive Conversations

A toolkit to help you make the right decisions on having a supportive conversation.

Young Carers and Isolation

Being a young carer can be isolating. Find out how you can help the young carer in your life.

CSE Awareness Day

Advice helping to raise awareness and provide guidance on recognising the signs of exploitation.

What is Rocket League?

Guidance on how to keep the young gamers in your care safer when playing Rocket League.

What is the Online Safety Bill?

Learn what it is, what it changes for young people and steps to take right now.

Ofcom Report Roundup 2022

A bitesize insight into Ofcom’s latest Media Use and Attitudes Report.

The Impact of Self-Help Apps

Insights into he impact self-help apps might have on children and young people.

What You Need to Know About ‘Finstas’

Fake-instagram: What you need to know about this style of instagram account.

What You Need to Know About BeReal

One of the up-and-coming apps of 2022, this is what you need to know.

A Guide to Parental Control Apps

Learn about parental control apps and if the benefits outweigh the risks.

Password 101 – Staying Password Protected

The best advice and resources we have on password protection.

Quick Guide to Fifa for Parents and Carers

If you’ve ever heard them talking about it, here’s our guide to understanding the game.

What is Minecraft?

The basics of the multi-platform game, its risks and top tips to keep the Minecrafters in your care safer!

Tips to Thrive This Exam Season

How you can help the young people in your life cope with exam anxiety.

Telegram: Your Online Safety Guide

Advice, risks, tips and insight into the controversial yet popular app, Telegram.

Reporting Harmful Content

Why young people are hesitant to report harmful content and how we can all do more.

Your Guide to Popular Games

Bitesize insights into popular gaming platforms such as Roblox and Fortnite.

Your Guide to Popular Platforms

Bitesize insights into popular apps such as Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok.

Handle With Scare

This ‘scareable’ gets to grips with the horror genre in the digital world. Take a look, if you dare!

What is YOTI?

A closer look into what this technology is and whether it can help keep young people safer online.

All About… Snapchat

A spotlight insight into the popular app for those who think ghost-mode is a halloween costume.

All About…


Don’t know what a Trending Thread on Twitter is? Download this shareable and find out!

All About


Are the gamers in your care putting themselves at risk on this popular game?

Virtual Friendships: Making Friends Online?

Why young people make friends online and tips to keep them safer.

All About

What do lip-syncs, Harry Potter and an adorable baby have in common? This popular app!

A Guide to

Insights, risks and tips about the arena of esports, including a buzzword guide to help translate!

All About

You probably use the app most days but do you know the risks it poses?

Cyber Security Buzzwords

Our buzzwords shareable has all the latest cyber security terms and popular phrases.

All About


Here’s everything you need to know about popular gaming platform Roblox!

All About


Learn about Yubo and how to protect young people who use this app.

All About


Find out what Twitch is and how to mitigate the risks to children and young people

The Influence of Andrew Tate

Everything you need to know about the much talked about media personality.

Using AI Chatbots for Good

Our shareable contains some ideas of how AI chatbots can be used positively.

All About…


Find out all you need to know about Reddit, the online forum platform!

What is


Learn what sextortion is and how to help safeguard young people from sextortion

Social Media 101

Learn about popular social media platforms and how to protect the young people who use them.

Guide to Group Chats

Understand social media and gaming group chats and how to protect children and young people from their risks.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

Delve into the potential risks, top safety tips and unpack the hype surrounding the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) video game series.