Safer Schools Summer Seminars

Insights and practical guidance on challenging topics such as online safety, absence in education and suicide.

An unmissable opportunity.

Managing Mental Health in Schools. FREE!


Helping young minds in difficult times

Suicide Prevention | Absence in Education | Wellbeing & Technology

Digital Safeguarding in Schools. FREE!


Helping young people navigate the online world

Contemporary Safeguarding | Online Threats | Practical Tools

I feel empowered as I now have a better understanding of what our young people are engaged with online.


It is one of the best sessions I have attended in many years and have been spreading the word… Every piece of information and advice we received was totally relevant.

Safeguarding Professional

Scary how vigilant we need to be when monitoring our pupil’s online usage! Even our most aware children can become a target for online predators if we don’t protect them, let alone our most vulnerable children!


Is your school one of the 13,500 who are eligible for access to the Safer Schools initiative?


If yes, then you are entitled to attend one of the FREE Seminars which will explore relevant safeguarding topics including wellbeing and technology, absence in education and suicide prevention.

The Safer Schools initiative has been developed by Ineqe Safeguarding Group in partnership with Zurich Municipal and is available to all schools who hold their programme of insurance with them. The initiative gives you access to contemporary and credible online safety and safeguarding guidance, advice and training.