This Sunday is Dress Up Your Pet Day!

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Dress Up Your Pet Day was founded by Pet Lifestyle Advocate, Colleen Paige (who also founded National Dog Day and National Cat Day!).

This day is meant to be a fun day that gives pets a little more attention and another way to promote pet adoption.

Meet Freddie – Our eSafety Mascot


Everyone, meet Freddie. Freddie, meet everyone.

Freddie is our K9 Online Safety Advisor and Mascot.

His favourite things in the world are: walks in the park, belly rubs and dressing up!


Freddie even has his own twitter account (@Freddie_INEQE) where you can follow his e-safety updates! (Like that time he celebrated ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day!’)DKE-X_1W0AAg_Z5_nodither

This weekend, he is celebrating ‘Dress Up Your Pet Day’ and is excited to be one of his favourite characters – Super Dog!


To celebrate this Sunday, he has taken over one of our most popular downloadables – Be A Cyberhero! – and is sharing his special version with you.

Freddie says, “Read through this checklist and mark off which cyber powers you have to beat villainous online bullies!”.



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