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Safer Schools is a multi-award-winning safeguarding ecosystem, created to educate, empower and protect your entire school community, in a digital World.

Available at no additional cost to school and Local Authority customers insured by Zurich Municipal, Safer Schools has been developed in partnership with online safety experts, INEQE Safeguarding Group.

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The Friend Ship

An Adventure in Cyber Space

Embark on a cyber space adventure with ‘The Friend Ship’, a children’s book designed to help parents, carers, and safeguarding professionals plant seeds of safety in young minds. Join Jack, Maddie and Freddie on a journey through app age restrictions and friend requests as they decide who to let onboard and when to call the Mothership for guidance. Exclusively available now on your Safer Schools App or you can purchase a physical copy below!

Benefits of the Ecosystem


A Customised School App with specialist online safeguarding content and features.

Get 24/7 access to news, articles and resources on digital and online safeguarding, all available through an app on your phone, tablet and other devices!

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Online Safety and Safeguarding Educational Resources.

Find free resources for the classroom and home on Teach and Home Hub, including ready-to-use lesson plans, shareables, PowerPoint presentations and more.


Credible CPD Safeguarding Training delivered through webinars and your App.

Keep school staff up to date with the latest in safeguarding training through webinars and CPD-certified training.

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Reputation Management

A Reputation Management service, incorporating social listening technologies, sentiment surveys and sentiment analysis.

Help manage your school’s reputation with our online social listening service and internal auditing tools.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security, advice, training and alerts.

Learn about the latest cyber security threats and scams and take action to mitigate risks against your school community.

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iSAT INEQE Self-Assessment Audit Tool will help you assess your safeguarding practice.

Ensure your organisation is meeting best practice with the INEQE Safeguarding Audit tool, making self-assessment easier and more effective.

All available at no additional cost for Zurich Municipal customers.

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Safer Schools Scotland News

Robert Quigley

Digital learning and transformation education officer

∼ Highland Council

I would absolutely recommend Safer Schools, and not only would I, we already do in the highlands. When I do my online safety training to parents and to schools I actually include 3 or 4 slides which talk directly about safer schools and the benefits to the highland schools

Alison McCook


Learning Team

∼ Moray Council

Apps like Safer Schools has really helped because it gives a one stop shop that they can go to get all the information that they need around a variety of subjects by keeping themselves safe online.

Nicola Reynolds


Safeguarding Manager

∼ Dumfries and Galloway

From a Staff point of view, the ecosystem allows them to be up skilled and to become more confident to deal with issues that arise through online activity, and it also helps with their professional learning as well

Charlie Love


Safeguarding Lead

∼ Aberdeen City Council

The Safer Schools App gives us a wide range of information about safeguarding and protecting our young people online.

Benefits For You

Select your profile below to access a tailored overview of the benefits Safer Schools can bring you!

For Staff

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For Parents & Carers

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For Pupils

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Online Safety Shareables

For a bite-sized rundown of what you need to know, try our Online Safety Shareables! These resources are free for you to download and share with your school communities.

As a Safer School, you are able to download and share these on your organisation’s social media channels, newsletters, emails, and all other digital platforms!

Make sure to tag @OurSaferSchools to share the love!

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