Today is World Health Day 2018 and the slogan for the campaign this year is #HealthForAll.icons8-treadmill-528

Whilst everyone else may be telling you to switch off all your different devices in order to go outside and get some exercise, we have looked at how technology can actually assist children with exercise, exploration and fitness. Check out the apps and gadgets we have recommended below that will help children in your care on their fitness and wellbeing journey.


GoNoodle Kids

For all the dance lovers, here’s a great app to get you up and moving! GoNoodle has hundreds of videos that get you running, jumping, dancing and stretching!


Ever fancied going on a real life treasure hunt? Geocaching allows you to explore your surroundings like you never have before!

Mover Kit

The Mover Kit is worn around the wrist like a watch. It encourages children to learn basic coding skills AND to be more active!