What is Google Stadia?

It’s a cloud gaming service where users can play and stream video games to YouTube.

How does it work?

Stadia requires an internet connection, but no console. The platform can be accessed through Google’s Chrome browser on desktop and It’s also set to be available on smartphones, TVs, and Chromecast Ultra devices.

While there’s no certainty on how exact features will work on the platform, we do know that players can game cross platform ‘in the cloud’ without downloading games to their devices. Users will require a controller made and sold by google, but other controllers will still work.

Users will be able to play and stream in real time directly to YouTube.

How much does it cost?

Google Stadia is free to play, but users will have to buy most games. There is a ‘Stadia Pro’ premium subscription service available where users can pay for better screen resolution, surround sound and advert-free experiences. First access is only available by purchasing the ‘Founder’s Edition’ bundle which costs £119.

Potential risks to young people?

As with all games, age ratings are important. If a young person in your care is likely to use Stadia, it’s worth checking that the games they will have access to are appropriate for them.

When interacting with other users, make sure children are aware that if they don’t know them in the real world, they may not be who they say they are on Stadia.

They should also avoid using their full name as their username, and make sure to make a strong password. It’s also a good idea to use an avatar instead of a real picture of them on their profile.

The platform allows live streaming, alongside games. The very nature of live streaming is always unpredictable, young people may be exposed to inappropriate language, or content.

The details of safety settings and parental controls are not yet known. Check back for more updates soon!

Don’t forget! Check out the ‘Gaming’ section of your Safer Schools App for more help & information.