With over 500 Million active monthly users, social media and video sharing app TikTok is one of the fastest growing apps in the world. It’s user base primarily consists of 16-24-year olds, with the minimum age to use the app set at 13.

Popular content on the app is consists of things like lip-syncing videos, dances, duets and challenges such as the ill-advised lip gluing trend which became an issue recently. There is also a live streaming feature where users can send gifts to their favourite streamers similar to how this is done on Twitch and other platforms.

When we tested the platform and reviewed popular videos it was clear that the app is not without risks, we would not recommend the app for children younger than 16. But we did find some creators who share educational, fun and creative content – here are a few creators worth checking out.

For Record Breakers: Guinness World Records (@guinnessworldrecords)

Guinness World Records highlights a number of bizarre world record attempts.

For Art Lovers: Hannah Snow (@hannah)

Hannah is a self confessed Bob Ross wannabe and her videos consist of funny and creative art escapades.

For Footballers: The F2 (@f2)

We recommended these guys and their exciting football skills videos in our ‘10 YouTube Channels we recommend for everyone!‘ blog and they’re just as funny and skillful on this platform.

For Young Scientists: Ronyes Tech (@ronyestech)

This creator demonstrates a number of short science experiments as well as nifty origami tricks.

For Dog Lovers: Indie (@indiethealaskanshepherd)

Dog and animal lovers will surely love this hilarious, adorable Husky.

For more info about TikTok and other similar apps, check out our Online Safety Centre.