Hackers sell 267 Million Facebook Accounts on the Darkweb. 

  • It has been reported that hackers have recently sold details of 267 million Facebook accounts on the dark web for just $540. 
  • Reports say no passwords were shared, but the data included email addresses, dates of birth and phone numbers. There are concerns this data could be used for targeted phishing attacks. 
  • If you are worried that your email or password has been compromised you can check the Have I been Pwned website.

Viral WhatsApp messages drop 70%

  • WhatsApp has reported a drop in ‘highly forwarded’ messages that may have been spreading misinformation during the pandemic. The platform stopped all messages that had been forwarded 5 times or more to one group chat at a time.
  • This comes as other social media platforms have adjusted their approach to tackling fake news and misinformation during the pandemic.

Ofsted: Return to School ‘is in Children’s interest’ as Referrals Drop

  • Citing concerns that children may be missing out on education, Ofsted also highlighted the impact the pandemic is placing on families in the context of social care and increasing domestic violence. 
  • Many referrals for children’s social care come from schools noting that referrals are down overall. Ofsted also said that the attainment gap between deprived and more wealthy pupils will increase due to school closures.

The government will spend £3m to support children during the lockdown 

  • Youth clubs often serve as a source of support for many young people and their closure has meant some are not able to seek help. Research published by the National Youth Agency indicates that there are around 3 million vulnerable young people across the UK.
  • The funding will be given to councils, police and charities across England and Wales in an attempt to support children who witness abuse during the lockdown measures. As the government debates a new domestic abuse bill, calls to the National Domestic Abuse Helpline have increased by 49% in 3 weeks.

Gambling Advertisements to stop on radio and TV during Lockdown 

  • The UK’s largest betting and gaming companies will cease TV and Radio advertising from May the 7th to protect at-risk customers during the Lockdown. The ban comes after concerns that higher risk gambling is increasing amid the cancellation of sports-based betting events.
  • The ban will last until at least 5th June. Advertising will continue via email, social media and text messages.

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