Social Media Companies Criticised by MPs

  • MPs have accused tech giants Facebook, Google and Twitter of failing to answer basic questions regarding the spread of disinformation on their platforms. 
  • One MP said that “Social media giants won’t adopt the changes to online safety we need without them being written into law” and warned we cannot afford to ignore the dangers online for children.
  • Following an increase in inappropriate and harmful content, as well as disinformation during the pandemic, Facebook is asking it’s moderators to volunteer to return to work.

TikTok reaches 2 Billion Downloads 

  • The platform has seen a surge in use following the lockdown and has moved to ban U16s from using the private messaging function.
  • This ban is unlikely to work without credible age verification, our video explains why.

Boots to offer a Safe place for Domestic Abuse Victims 

  • Boots is now offering a safe space for victims of domestic abuse, following a staggering rise in offences during the lockdown. 
  • Customers can ask the staff at any counter to use a consultation room, where they can contact services for advice and support. 
  • This move follows reports that calls to the national domestic abuse helpline have increased by 49%. 
  • 16 people killed as a result of domestic violence in the first 3 weeks of Lockdown, the highest number in 11 years.

Concerns about the increase of poverty during the pandemic 

  • There are concerns about growing reports of the impact of the pandemic on low-income working families. 
  • The Child Poverty Action Group are encouraging safeguarding professionals to use their toolbox to support children and families. 
  • This comes amid problems circulating free school meal vouchers for poorer pupils. The Trussell Trust reports an 81% rise in food parcel deliveries in the last two weeks of March. 

Concerns about Parental Alcohol use During the Lockdown

  • The National Association for Children of Alcoholics report that calls have doubled from children seeking support for parents with problematic alcohol use.
  • The organisation have produced a tool kit to support children with alcohol-dependent parents during the pandemic. 
  • In the past week, the organisation has responded to 120 calls for help.

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