Zoom Tightens Security after Wave of ‘Zoombombs’

  • Zoom has added additional security mechanisms to its platform following recent so-called ‘zoombombings’. 
  • Zoom has witnessed an increase in demand during the lockdown but has been targeted by trolls who have bombarded private meetings with racist, homophobic content and child sexual abuse images. 
  • This news comes after Zoom’s chief executive apologised to its users for ‘falling short’ on security issues. 
  • If you are considering using this or similar tech for meetings check out our ABCs of Live Video Conferencing

Online Game Roblox has been Hacked

  • The popular online video game Roblox’s has been hacked.
  • Personal information of some users including their email addresses and passwords have been released. 
  • The hacker targeted the ‘richest’ players, meaning those with the most in-app purchases. 
  • Roblox has released a statement saying that all security flaws have been fixed and the small number of affected users have been notified. 
  • To check if your password has been revealed in a data break visit Have I Been Pwned 

Fortnite Announces Live Concerts as Number of Users Hit 350 Million. 

  • Fortnite, which is owned by Epic Games has announced that it reached 350 million registered users. 
  • Fortnite has planned a live concert featuring musicians on Friday the 8th of May.
  • The concerts come as the platform move towards being a space where people can ‘chill with friends’.  
  • Fortnite has witnessed a surge in users during the Lockdown, with 3.2 billion hours of gameplay in April.

Facebook Announces Supreme Court Members 

  • Facebook has announced who will sit on its independent board, which has been set up to decide which controversial content should be taken down.
  • Facebook considers the board to represent “a new model of content moderation”.
  • The Board has been called a ‘bold experiment’ by tech journalist Larry Magid, while some questioned its impact.

UK Parents Face Money Problems

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