Xbox Launch Family Safety App

  • Xbox has released a new App which will allow parents and carers to place time limits on how long children can play each day.
  • The App will also allow users to filter out age restricted games, and place limits on online communication and give screen time reports.
  • One of the creators of the App, Dave Mcarthy said “we want to provide an easy and convenient way for parents and families to manage their gaming experiences”. 
  • The gaming industry received widespread criticism for its slow response to the World Health Organisation classifying gaming addiction as a disorder in 2018. 

Youtube Kids Available on Apple TV

  • YouTube Kids is now available through apple TV in the UK. 
  • YouTube Kids was created in response to criticism that the main YouTube site was not safe for children. 
  • Youtube Kids content is filtered through a mix of algorithms, parental feedback and human moderating but sometimes inappropriate content can appear.

Man Used Snapchat To Message Underage Girls

  • A 30 year old man contacted three young girls on Snapchat and requested they send him photos of themselves in their underwear and naked.
  • Lewes Crown Court heard that the defendant sent messages to girls aged 14 and 15 in December 2017 requesting photos and videos.
  • Rachel Beckett, prosecuting, said: “Messages were sent asking for fully naked photos and videos and money was offered to the girls for doing so, with up to £200 for a short video of the three particular girls.
  • Indecent images of children were found on his laptop including photographs of a 14-year-old boy.
  • He pleaded guilty to possession and distribution of indecent images of children.

US President Expected to Sign an Executive Order Targeting Social Media Companies

  • The Trump Administration is expected to sign an executive order that will review laws protecting social media from content posted on sites from users. 
  • This comes after the US President threatened to shut down social media in the US after Twitter placed a fact check warning on two of his tweets. 
  • Twitter began tackling the spread of disinformation on its platform after facing criticism from governments for not doing enough. 

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