President Trump Tells US Businesses They Have 45 Days to Stop Business with Chinese Apps

  • President Donald Trump has told US firms they have 45 days to stop doing business with TikTok and WeChat, claiming the Chinese apps are a threat to national security.
  • Mr Trump signed two executive orders targeting two of China’s biggest apps, signalling a major escalation in Washington’s stand-off with Beijing over its power in global technology.
  • The announcement comes as Microsoft is in talks to buy TikTok ahead of a September deadline set by Mr Trump.
  • The executive orders against the short-video sharing platform TikTok – owned by Chinese firm ByteDance and the messaging service WeChat – owned by the Tencent conglomerate is the latest measure in  the increasing stand-off   between the Trump administration campaign  and China.
  •  The owners of Tik Tok are now considering legal action against the US and said it was “shocked” by the order from the President.

Facebook Removes Pro-Trump Pages in Romania

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Twitter to Begin Labelling State Controlled News

  • Twitter says it will no longer “amplify” tweets by state-controlled media organisations, by excluding them from its recommendation systems.
  • Twitter will label media organisations “where the state exercises control over editorial content through financial resources, political pressure or control over production and distribution”.
  • The move means affected accounts are less likely to appear in search results, notifications and on a user’s timeline.
  • The company will also label the accounts of government-linked media, as well as “key government officials” from China, France, Russia, the UK and US.
  • Russia’s RT and China’s Xinhua News will both be affected by the change.
  • This change comes as the platform continues to boost transparency in a bid to tackle misinformation.

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