Clinic to open in Kent to Help Victims of Cyberstalking amid Surge in Lockdown

  • A clinic supporting victims of cyberstalking has been set up in West Kentfollowing a massive rise in reports of cyber crime during lockdown
  • As more people move online to stay connected, internet-based bullying, harassment and scams have increased – leading to the need for more expert advice
  • The clinic, in Tonbridgewill be offering 45-minute appointments for over 18s experiencing cyberstalking in West Kent, setting safety plans for victims lasting between three and six months.
  • ‘Look Ahead’, a domestic abuse service, commissioned The Cyber Helpline and the Protection Against Stalking (PAS) charity to work at the new West Kent Cyberstalking Clinic, creating a space for those in need
  • Rory Innes, founder and CEO of The Cyber Helpline said his organisation has seen calls increase from 100 a month pre-lockdown to 400 a month since the end of March

Amazon launches Palm Scanner for Quicker Payments

  • Amazon has announced a new payment system for real-world shops which uses a simple wave of the hand.
  • Its new Amazon One scanner registers an image of the user’s palm, letting them pay by hovering their hand in mid-air above a scanner
  • The product will be trialled at two of Amazon’s physical stores in Seattle
  • But the company said it is “in active discussions with several potential customers” about rolling it out to other shops in the future
  • An Amazon spokesperson said, “in most retail environments, Amazon One could become an alternate payment or loyalty card option with a device at the checkout counter next to a traditional point of sale system,”

Farmville to Close Operations

School in Bolton Rated Inadequate

  • Students at a school in Bolton are deemed to be ‘at risk’ after it was rated ‘inadequate’ by inspectors
  • Concerns around the safeguarding of pupils at the independent Al Jamiatul Islamiyah school in Deane were raised by regulator Ofsted in a report published in June 2020, following an inspection in February
  • The all-boys – faith school has 207 pupils of an age range of 11 to 25-years-old
  • The school also failed to meet a host of health and safety standards set to protect both pupils and staff, said the authorities
  • In particular, the school has no safeguarding policy for students who board.
  • The report reads: “There is no specific safeguarding policy in place relating to boarding. The safeguarding policy for the school makes no reference to the boarding aspect of this setting. This means that the school’s policy relating to safeguarding in the boarding provision is unclear

Secondary Schools in England Close due to COVID-19

  • The number of secondary schools in England at least partially closing because of COVID-19 has doubled in a week, new data official data shows
  • Latest figures published today by the Department for Education (DfE) show the proportion of “fully open” state secondary schools fell by 8 percentage points last week – from 92 per cent on 17 September to 84 per cent on 24 September
  • A DfE spokesperson said, “of those not fully open, this was mostly due to COVID-19 related reasons,”
  • Latest data shows there were 3,456 state secondaries in England in 2019-20; this would amount to 553 secondaries at least partially closed, compared to 276 the previous week
  • Geoff Barton, Association of School and College Leaders General Secretary said: “We are extremely concerned to see a drop in the number of secondary schools fully open…this reflects the extremely difficult circumstances in which schools are operating amidst rising infection rates in the community.”