Parents alerted to NurseryCam security breach 

  • A webcam system that lets parents drop in and watch their children while at nursery school has written to families to tell them of a data breach 
  • NurseryCam said it did not believe the incident had involved any youngsters or staff being watched without their permission, but had shut down its server as a precautionary measure 
  • The Guildford-based company told the BBC its service was used by about 40 nurseries across the UK
  • Under UK rules, the Information Commissioner’s Office must be told of a breach if it has a “significant impact” within 24 hours 
  • The service will remain suspended until a security fix is in place 
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    Welsh public express misunderstanding over next year’s ban on smacking children  

    • There is a degree of misunderstanding over new smacking legislation, research for the Welsh Government has found 
    • A change in the law, banning people from smacking their children, begins in 2022 
    • Wales is the second part of the UK to do so, after Scotland 
    • In a survey of 1,002 people, 23% were aware of the changes and 26% said they were aware but unsure of the details
    • The Welsh Government said TV, radio and online adverts would launch later this year to drive education surrounding changes and clarify details 
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      Cyber fraudsters ditch big money scams in favour of ‘silent stealing’ during pandemic 

          • Conning people out of as little as £10 on a mass scale has become the new tactic by cyber fraudsters who are taking advantage of people now working from home during the pandemic 
          • A Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) think-tank paper said a phenomenon dubbed “silent stealing” has begun as criminals are “going down market” from big-money scams 
          • Individual victims are less likely to report the loss of a small sum of money, and it is difficult for police and banks to know whether they are dealing with a single frau or a big criminal operation worth millions of pounds, according to the research 
          • “There’s a working hypothesis that criminals are going down market,” the report says 
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          About 7% of UK children have attempted suicide by age of 17 – study 

          • About 7% of children have attempted suicide by the age of 17 and almost one in four say they have self-harmed in the past year, according to a paper in the British Journal of Psychiatry 
          • The figures come from an analysis of the millennium cohort study, which follows the lives of about 19,000 young people born at the start of the millennium in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland 
          • The report says that when the 17-year-olds from the cohort were asked if they had ever hurt themselves “on purpose in an attempt to end your life”, 7% replied yes 
          • When asked if they had self-harmed during the previous year, 24% responded that they had
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