Tuesday 15th of June 2021

Self-harm warning signs can appear decade earlier

  • Early warning signs of self-harm can appear in children almost a decade before it starts, say researchers. 
  • The team at the University of Cambridge found two distinct groups that were more likely to damage themselves. 
  • The first included those who struggle to control their emotions, and the second featured youngsters more willing to take risks than others their age. 
  • The findings may mean there is a large window of opportunity to improve children’s mental health.
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Stalking victims ‘not protected’ as cases surge 

  • A BBC investigation has found that new powers to protect stalking victims are not being used by some UK police forces. 
  • Stalking protection orders (SPOs) were introduced in January last year to make it easier for victims to get support. 
  • Despite a rise in stalking offences during lockdown, some police forces had not issued a single order. 
  • The Home Office is set to meet with the police to bolster the figures as forces improve training for officers. 
  • Victims of stalking have called for better education and training so officers can recognise when action is needed to apply for an order.
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New legislation attempts to give Irish Police power to get people’s passwords for devices 

  • Proposed legislation will give Irish police  the power to compel people to provide passwords for electronic devices when carrying out a search under warrant . 
  • The change is part of the Garda Síochána [Irish Police] Bill published by Irish Justice Minister Heather Humphreys on Monday. 
  • Gardaí will also be required to make a written record of a stop and search. 
  • This will enable data to be collected so the effectiveness and use of the powers can be assessed. 
  • Special measures will be introduced for suspects who are children and suspects who may have impaired capacity.
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Government condemns Catholic school sex education resource which says men are ‘initiators’ of sex 

  • The Government has condemned a Catholic sex education resource which says men are the “initiators” of sexual relationships.  
  • In January, iNews revealed that a resource called A Fertile Heart – which also says that contraception is “wrong” and suggests gay people should abstain from sex – was being taught in schools in Wales and at least one in England.  
  • The Conservative MP for Herefordshire Jesse Norman wrote to the school’s minister Nick Gibb after complaints that St Mary’s Roman Catholic High School in his constituency was using it.  
  • He said “I am concerned that A Fertile Heart contains content that would be hard for a school to present in a school setting in a way that is consistent with the relationships, sex and health education (RSHE) statutory guidance” 
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