UK far-right promoting sexual violence against women

  • Results from a new analysis reveals that misogyny is increasingly prevalent online and being used to steer people into racism and anti-Semitism.
  • A report by anti-fascist organisation Hope Not Hate and the Anti-Semitism Policy Trust examined the “manosphere” – a network of sites, forums, blogs, and vlogs oriented around the belief that feminism promotes misandry (male prejudice) rather than equality for women.
  • Pro-sexual assault comments were common in the 73 (English-language) misogynistic and anti-feminist far right channels on the messaging app Telegram.
  • The analysis shows how the perceived loss of status among white men is being exploited to endorse violence against women.
  • This follows the investigation into the death of Sabina Nessa and the murder of Sarah Everard six months previous which added to discussions on women’s safety.
  • This subculture is becoming increasingly more popular, with researchers reporting it has spread extensively on online spaces like Telegram and has drawn in teenagers in the UK.
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National LGBT-inclusive education resources launched in Scotland

  • Scotland has embedded LGBT-inclusive education across the curriculum.
  • Teachers in Scotland can now access LGBT-inclusive educational resources aimed at promoting equality, reducing bullying, and improving the experience of LGBT pupils.
  • A range of services were launched, including a website and teaching resources to help support LGBT pupils and to include LGBT identities, issues, and history in the curriculum.
  • The resources enable teachers, parents, and pupils to find information designed to support young LGBT people and include an online course for school staff to learn more about LGBT-inclusive education.
  • This follows Ofsted’s report findings that schools remain confused about what and when they need to teach children about LGBT relationships and their lack of support from the Department for Education (DfE).
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Registration ‘loophole’ puts children at safeguarding risk

  • A ‘loophole’ in the registration of people working with children means children may be at risk in Wales.
  • The Interim Youth Work Board has called for the registration of everyone working with children and young people with the Education Workforce Council (EWC).
  • Currently, workers in certain settings such as independent schools, housing associations, faith organisations and private organisations do not need to register.
  • The report by the Interim Youth Work Board has recommended the development of a workforce plan and taking steps to ensure that everyone is qualified to work with young people.
  • A “mapping” process commissioned by the Welsh government is currently estimating the numbers who are not registered.
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Schools in England struggling to stay open amid soaring COVID-19 cases

  • Schools in England are struggling to stay open in the face of increasingCOVID-19 cases among pupils.
  • This follows the abandonment of many preventive measures by the government in attempts to keep their pupils in classrooms.
  • Schools in areas like Brighton and Northamptonshire have seen the rate of infection among school-age children spreading rapidly while rates in adults decline.
  • The National Association of Head Teachers said school leaders are seeking advice on dealing with outbreaks.
  • National figures show there were more than 100,000 children with confirmed or suspected Covid cases at state schools in England last week.
  • Schools in England are due to host vaccinations for children aged 12-to-15 in the coming weeks despite anti-vaccine protests.
  • While some schools have closed, others are sending home groups of pupils, or reimposing restrictions that were in use last year, such as social distancing and compulsory mask-wearing.
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