Websites hosting porn in UK told to enforce age verification  

  • Ofcom threatens services that host pornography and adult material, such as OnlyFans, with financial penalties if they don’t implement age-verification.
  • Video-sharing platforms (VSPs) TikTok, Vimeo, Twitch and Snapchat will face large fines for breaches of regulations.
  • VSPs will also be expected to place registration processes and subsequent checks to significantly reduce the risk of child sexual abuse material being uploaded and shared.
  • Platforms with users under the age of 18 that don’t specifically host pornographic material, or which ban adult content will still be expected to implement age-verification processes.
  • This will attempt to protect younger users from harmful content.
  • Guidance includes the implementation of terms and conditions that prohibit inappropriate or harmful material, allow users to report content and to restrict access to adult sites.
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Facebook Gaming creators can co-stream now 

  • Facebook is adding co-streaming to Facebook Gaming.
  • This is similar to Twitch’s ‘Squad Stream’ feature launched in 2018.
  • While Twitch’s ‘Squad Stream’ requires you to be a Twitch Partner, Facebook is making co-streaming available to everyone on the platform.
  • Co-streaming involves users streaming alongside other users where viewers can watch the same game from different perspectives.
  • The feature can involve up to three other users.
  • Facebook Gaming hopes to increase discoverability for creators, encourage collaboration between creators and elevate the overall viewing experience.
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 Instagram is re-vamping IGTV 

  • Instagram is rebranding IGTV as ‘Instagram TV’ and getting rid of the IGTV exclusive video style.
  • Videos posted to the main Instagram feed can be up to 60 minutes long, previously only available to IGTV videos.
  • IGTV was previously introduced in June 2018 and was essentially meant to become a mobile equivalent to YouTube.
  • With this rebranding into ‘Instagram TV’ users will no longer have to leave the main feed view which aims to increase viewership.
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Scottish Government launches COVID-19 education recovery plan 

  • The Scottish government has published an education recovery plan setting out the action it is taking to address the impacts of COVID-19.
  • The plan outlines work already underway and the planned next steps to support schools and young people.
  • The government pledges to recruit an additional 3,500 teachers, 500 support staff and a £1 billion commitment to tackle the poverty-related attainment gap.
  • The recovery plan has been criticised by The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), the largest teaching union in Scotland for reinstating existing workstreams and failing to a single initiative.
  • However, EIS general secretary Larry Flanagan, praises the commitment to increasing teacher numbers.
  • The plan can be accessed here.
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