Women’s nudes being shared without consent on Telegram 

  • A BBC Investigation has found that women’s intimate pictures are being shared without their consent to harass, shame and blackmail them on the Telegram app. 
  • Over 18 channels and 24 groups were investigated with nearly 2 million subscribers.
  • Pictures of ex-partners, colleagues and fellow students were shared, some with personal details like addresses and phone numbers.  
  • You can read the full story through the BBC

UK Home Office demands Big Tech block ‘legal but harmful’ posts 

  • The UK Home Office is pushing for new powers requiring internet companies to monitor for “legal but harmful” user content as part of the upcoming Online Safety Bill.  
  • Home secretary Priti Patel and culture secretary Nadine Dorries wrote a letter outlining new proposals arguing that new measures are needed to protect children online. 
  • This follows the addition of three new offences to the Bill earlier in the month and reports that other offences including cyber-flashing are being considered. 
  • You can read the full story through the Financial Times.   

TikTok launches new Brand Safety Centre 

  • TikTok has announced the launch of a Brand Safety Centre which will act as a key reference point for its brand safety resources, guides and reports. 
  • The centre will include links to TikTok’s Transparency Updates, platform rules and information on TikTok’s safety tools. 
  • TikTok also plans to expand the centre with new definitions and standards for safety including misinformation and ad adjacency. 
  • You can read the full story through Social Media Today

Bradford children’s services struggled to keep staff

  • Commissioner Steve Walker launched a review of Bradford children’s services following the death of Star Hobson in 2020 after months of neglect, cruelty, and injury.  
  • His findings highlighted that Bradford services were relying on agency staff and an increase in caseloads.
  • The report also mentioned a lack of stable leadership and financial difficulties due to the costs of care placements for children and the high use of agency staff.
  • You can read the full story through the BBC