Viewers of online abuse at high risk of contacting children directly

  • A report published in the Journal of Online Trust and Safety published results of the largest survey of people who watch child sexual abuse material (CSAM) online.
  • The survey found that 42% of respondents had sought out direct contact with children through online platforms after viewing CSAM.
  • 58% reported feeling afraid that viewing CSAM might lead them to seek direct contact.
  • You can read the full story on The Guardian’s website.

Child abuse images helpline sees number of calls double

  • The Stop It Now! Helpline has seen an increase in the number of people calling with concerns about their own behaviour or that of someone close to them.
  • The number of calls in 2021 reached 165,225, representing an increase of 79,868 from the previous year.
  • Those seeking help reported that increased isolation, unemployment, and a rise in the amount of pornography they were viewing fuelled the offending.
  • You can read the full story on The Belfast Telegraph’s website.

TikTok expands maximum video length to 10 minutes

  • TikTok is expanding the maximum length of videos to 10 minutes on the platform.
  • The update will roll out globally with some users receiving a notification about the update already.
  • For information on how to keep safe on TikTok, check out our safety card.
  • You can read the full story on The Verge’s website.

Instagram to stop supporting the IGTV app

  • Instagram will stop reporting the separate IGTV app.
  • Instagram also announced that videos on the main app will have a full-screen viewer and a tap-to-mute button.
  • Instagram are also working on a consistent way to share the different types of videos (such as video posts and Reels).
  • You can read the full story on The Verge’s website.

Outrage as Children’s Minister dismisses ‘small’ number of teenage deaths in care

  • Children’s minister Will Quince has been criticised for his comments deeming the 29 deaths of 16- to 17-year-olds as a “small” number.
  • The 29 young people died after being placed in semi-independent or independent accommodation in the last 5 years.
  • The minister refused to be drawn as to whether a review should be held into the 22 deaths that occurred between 2018 and 2020.
  • Critics and charities maintain that local authorities have a duty to ensure child death reviews are carried out and undertake a local child safeguarding review.
  • You can read the full story on Children and Young People Now’s website.