PS5 adds a TikTok-like editor to its game clips editor

  • Sony have launched a new quick editing mode for PS5’s Share Factory Studio which will allow users to create short gameplay videos.
  • These videos will be created following the pre-set TikTok-like format.
  • The update will allow users to choose a curated ‘Bit’ style for their gameplay videos.
  • ‘Bit’ themes will change every week, based on special events, holidays, seasons and trending content.
  • Find out more about this update on the Engadget website.

Facebook plans redesign to become more like TikTok

  • Facebook is working on a major design of their main feed.
  • According to a memo from a Facebook executive, this will allegedly involve more recommended content including reels from pages, creators and people you don’t follow.
  • The goal is to shift Facebook towards a ‘Discovery Engine’ which will rely on algorithmic recommendations.
  • Despite this, there is potential for this to push harmful content on to the feeds of young people.
  • However, Facebook have highlighted that they have an obligation to ‘reduce negative experiences’, following claims of promoting misinformation.
  • Find out more about the planned redesign on the Engadget website.

Meta publishes new videos which highlights possibility of metaverse vision

  • Meta (Facebook’s parent company) have released a new promo campaign which looks to highlight the expanded potential of the metaverse.
  • They stated that the metaverse has “tangible potential on healthcare, education and skills training”.
  • No timeline or concrete examples of how they plan to put their vision across are yet announced.
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  • You can read the full story on the Social Media Today’s website.