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February 10, 2023

Reddit hacked in phishing attack targeting its employees

  • An administrator of Reddit has revealed that hackers were able to infiltrate their systems on February 5th.
  • Reddit employees received “plausible sounding prompts” which led to a website that mimics the look and behaviour of their intranet gateway, which then stole people’s log-ins.
  • While one employee fell victim to the scheme, they immediately self-reported and the website’s security team responded quickly to cut off the hacker’s access.
  • The Reddit spokesperson said that they were able to access some of the website’s internal docs, code, internal dashboards and business systems.
  • The security team has assured users they found no evidence that their passwords or any non-public data had been compromised.
  • At the time of the investigation, they also found no evidence information stolen had been distributed online.
  • For more, go to the Engadget website.

Research finds children are donating to streamers without parent’s knowledge

  • Research by Virgin Media O2 has shown that over half of parents admit they are unaware that children can donate to content creators online.
  • They found that donating to streamers is amongst the most popular ways for children to spend their money online.
  • Almost a fifth of all children donated to streamers without asking their parents for permission to do so.
  • For the full story, go to the Coventry Telegraph’s website.

NICE backs digital mental health techs for children

  • The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has given its approval for four digital technologies to support children’s mental health.
  • These technologies include Online Social anxiety Cognitive therapy for Adolescents (OSCA), Online Support and Intervention (OSI) for child anxiety, Lumi Nova digital therapy and the Space Services for teens.
  • These products include a range of games, videos and quizzes based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).
  • These can help children and young people learn techniques to help manage symptoms of anxiety or low mood.
  • NICE said they can be used as initial treatment for 5–18-year-olds but it will be for local NHS bodies to determine how these are commissioned once they comply with NHS England’s Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC).
  • For more on this story, please visit the UK Authority website.

Call for inquiry into Surrey school after black pupil attacked

  • MPs have called for a school in Surrey to be investigated, following a black pupil suffering a serious suspected racist attack.
  • Footage circulating showed a girl being punched, kicked and having her hair pulled.
  • Four people have been arrested on suspicion of the attack, those involved include a 39-year-old woman, a 16-year-old-girl, and two 11-year-old girls.
  • A 43-year-old man was also arrested alongside the 39-year-old woman on suspicion of child neglect and encouraging the attack.
  • The attack led to protests outside the school in Ashford as people are concerned the school did not do enough to protect the pupil.
  • A group of MPs have scrutinised both the school for not doing enough, and Surrey police for their description of the attack as a “fight between a group of girls”.
  • For more on this story, please visit the Guardian’s website.