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March 9, 2023

Twitch is taking action on deepfake pornography

  • Twitch has released a statement about deepfake pornography after a number of controversies involving high profile streamers.
  • The company announced they will be taking immediate action.
  • Twitch are making changes to their platform policy, consulting with an online safety expert and a Creator Camp to help protect streamers.
  • The updated policy will also see harsher penalties for anyone caught promoting, streaming or sharing the imagery on the platform.
  • The policy also replaces the term ‘deepfake porn’ with “synthetic non-consensual exploitative images.”
  • This change is to highlight that the techniques are creating non-consensual imagery.
  • Twitch will also run a ‘Creator Camp’ which will provide streamers with the tools on how to spot the imagery and information on how they can best protect themselves.
  • For the full story, please visit the Gamespot website.

Project Clover: TikTok’s effort to get ahead of EU privacy and security concerns

  • TikTok are trying to show European lawmakers that it is ‘not a security threat’, while facing a potential US ban.
  • Project Clover will introduce “security gateways” which give government employees access to information about TikTok’s European users information and ensure that data can be sent out of Europe safely.
  • TikTok will have new measures to keep user data secure, and a third-party security company will perform checks to ensure that the measures are effective.
  • To learn more, please visit the Engadget website.

Children’s mental health support ‘patchy’ with 80-day treatment wait in one area

  • The Children’s Commissioner’s office have carried out a report into children’s mental health support across England.
  • The report highlighted that the average waiting time for starting treatment is around 40 days.
  • The analysis also estimated that there were 1.4 million children with a mental health disorder in 2021-22.
  • 48% of these children had contact with Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services (CYPMHS) and 34% had two contacts with them.
  • The report also said that many of the children who do have mental health difficulties are not being admitted to hospital and are being deprived of their liberties in other settings.
  • Many mental health charities are aware that the mental health needs of children are “increasing rapidly” especially with the cost-of-living crisis.
  • Labour’s shadow minister for mental health stated that “they will prioritise a truly preventative plan for mental health services and will put patient care first.”
  • For the full story, please visit Yahoo news website.

Drugs and arms seized with more than 200 arrested during county lines crackdown

  • A weeklong crackdown by Police on county lines gangs in London resulted in more than 200 people arrested.
  • The crackdown saw more than a million pounds worth of drugs, guns and swords being seized.
  • 177 vulnerable people were safeguarded by police.
  • Many of these were children who officers said were being “preyed on” by drug gangs and being “used as a commodity.”
  • The networks exploit children, subjecting them to horrendous emotional and physical abuse including violence and blackmail.
  • The police also stated that “instead of criminalising these children officers work with Rescue and Response to ensure they are safeguarded and supported.”
  • For the full story, please visit Sky News website.