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March 21, 2023

Ofsted urged to pause inspections after teacher death

  • The Headteacher of Caversham Primary School in Reading, took her own life while waiting for an Ofsted inspection report to be published, which downgraded her school from outstanding to inadequate.
  • Education unions believe Ofsted inspections continuing this week is the “height of insensitivity”.
  • A General Secretary of the National Education Union said “Ofsted should pause all its inspections and reflect upon the unmanageable and counterproductive stress they cause for school leaders.”
  • Ms Perry’s family said that she had described the inspection in November as the worst day of her life while her sister is calling for schools to “boycott Ofsted.”
  • Flora Cooper, executive head of John Rankin Schools in Newbury tweeted that she had refused access to inspectors who were due to visit.
  • A spokesperson for the Department for Education has said inspections were a “legal requirement” and are “hugely important as they hold schools to account for their educational standards.”
  • A petition calling for the inspection system to be changed has so far gathered over 40,000 signatures.
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Self-harm images online ‘can trigger young people to hurt themselves’

  • Research from the University of Oxford suggests that viewing online self-harm images can trigger young people to harm themselves.
  • Experts looked at 15 studies, all of which found viewing such material has harmful effects.
  • Effects included the escalation and reinforcing of self-harm through commenting and sharing images.
  • Comparing self-harm may also result in the “development of a self-harm identity”.
  • It was acknowledged that further research was required as some studies did have “protective” effects for some young people including a reduction in urges to self-harm and a social connection with those receiving and providing support.
  • The mixed nature of the findings highlights the complexity of issues relating to online self-harm and the need for more research on the harm vs protective benefits.
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Warning issued to millions of smartphone users

  • Smartphone users are being warned about multiple security issues that are allowing hackers to attack devices remotely.
  • Google’s security team at Project Zero has found that the flaw affects Samsung and Google devices.
  • Cybercriminals only need the victim’s mobile number to compromise the phone.
  • Samsung is working on a solution but until it is pushed out, users are vulnerable.
  • According to Google, users who wish to protect themselves should turn off Wi-Fi calling and Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) in their device settings.
  • Turning off these settings will remove the risk of hackers taking over the device.
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