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March 22, 2023

Head teacher’s family blames death on school inspection pressure

  • Headteacher, Ruth Perry took her own life ahead of the publication of an Ofsted school inspection report.
  • Her family have since issued a statement saying that they believe Ruth’s death was “a direct result of the pressure put on her by the process and outcome of an Ofsted inspection.”
  • Ofsted have been accused of unfairly reaching conclusions that were “sensationalist and drawn from scant evidence.”
  • An inquest on Ms Perry’s death will begin this summer.
  • A member of the public spoke to Nicky Campbell on BBC Radio 5 Live, who told of her mother taking her own life eight years ago following an Ofsted inspection.
  • More than 120,000 signatures have been collected so far for an inquiry into Ofsted’s inspection.
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TikTok is revamping its community guidelines

  • Ahead of a potential ban in the US, TikTok is overhauling its community guidelines.
  • The new rules will have a dedicated section for AI- generated and “synthetic media.”
  • New rules state that synthetic or manipulated media that portray realistic scenes must be clearly disclosed.
  • This can be done by using a caption or sticker such as ‘fake’, ‘not real’ or ‘altered’.
  • The rules also state that synthetic media of “any real private figure” is prohibited and cannot be used for political or commercial means.
  • These guidelines are due to take effect next month.
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Bard: Google’s rival to ChatGPT launches for over-18s

  • Google has started rolling out its AI Chatbot ‘Bard’, but only to users over the age of 18.
  • Google’s senior product director stated that the chatbot is being launched as “an experiment.”
  • Bard can access up to date information from the internet, has a “Google it” button to search and publicly names its sources for facts e.g., Wikipedia.
  • Like Chat-GPT, Bard will be able to mimic the writing style of others.
  • Google have warned that Bard has “limitations” and may provide misinformation and display bias.
  • Bard has been programmed to not respond to offensive prompts and not share harmful, illegal, sexually explicit or personally identifiable information, however Google warn that this may sometimes fail.
  • Google have stated they will monitor Bard closely to ensure it adheres to its own “AI principles” which include creating or reinforcing bias.
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Some claims about Manx sex education class inaccurate, probe finds:

  • An investigation has found that some claims that led to the suspension of sex education lessons on the Isle of Man were inaccurate.
  • Parents of some Year 7 students at Queen Elizabeth II High School made complaints of “graphic” teaching.
  • One allegation referred to a guest speaker in drag who removed a student from the classroom and taught the class “obscene” content was found to be untrue.
  • Julie Edge, the Education Minister told Parliament that there was a “misrepresentation of what took place”.
  • Mrs Edge stated that these lessons were there to “challenge our thinking and to stimulate a positive debate”.
  • The investigation will continue, with part two aiming to assess content and age appropriation.
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