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June 1, 2023

Cost of living crisis raises fears of surge in online child exploitation this summer

  • A Barnardos poll of 1,191 parents and carers across the UK found that almost half will struggle to find money for days out or family holidays.
  • Just over a quarter (26%) said they cannot pay for activities like childcare and holiday clubs.
  • In its survey of 729 children aged between 11 and 17 years old, 71% said they will spend more time online during the holidays than term time.
  • 8% said they will meet up with people they have met online this summer.
  • 13% say they have already communicated with people they have met online but don’t know in person.
  • Barnardos’ Chief Executive, Lynn Perry has said that whilst any child can be at risk of exploitation, some are at a heightened risk due to families not being able to afford supervised activities.
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While parents worry, teens are bullying Snapchat AI

  • TechCrunch has reported that while parents worry over Snapchat’s My AI ‘corrupting’ their children, Snapchat users have been bullying the platform’s AI chatbot.
  • Gaslighting and bullying My AI has become its own TikTok trend, with many users sharing images and videos of the strange and sometimes cruel conversations.
  • The chatbot has managed to shut down some inappropriate conversations and will respond by saying “Sorry, we’re not speaking right now”.
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Bereaved parents whose children took own lives demand more access to content they were exposed to online

  • Parents of children who took their own lives want authorities to take online histories into account when determining their cause of death.
  • The mother of Archie Battersbee, who died in August 2022, joined other families who have demanded more access to online content their children were exposed to.
  • Ian Russell also campaigned to access his daughter Molly’s social media history after she was found dead in November 2017, after it was found she viewed mass content related to suicide, depression and anxiety.
  • Christoforos Nicolaou, 15, joined an online forum where he was encouraged to do dangerous challenges, with threats being sent to his parents if he did not complete the challenges as instructed. He took his own life in 2022.
  • Christoforos’ parents have now launched the Christoforos Charity Foundation in his memory, and hope that working with other families to raise awareness of online harms will ensure his legacy reaches further.
  • The families’ meeting came as the government’s Online Safety Bill moves through Parliament.
  • The proposed law aims to regulate internet content to keep users safe and make companies responsible for the material.
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Updated schools sex education guidance for consultation in autumn

  • The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a review into the Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) in March 2023, after concerns were raised that children were being exposed to “inappropriate” content.
  • An expert panel, who have been chosen for their expertise in child safeguarding, health, teaching, curriculum development and equalities, have been appointed to advise on age ratings, to ensure “disturbing or inappropriate” content is not being taught.
  • The panel will provide expert advice to Education Secretary Gillian Keegan, on what is appropriate for teaching in RSHE.
  • The department stated that drawing on advice from Ofsted about clear age ratings is required to “reassure parents that there is no room for disturbing or inappropriate content to be taught in schools”.
  • The Association of School and College Leaders’ general secretary, Geoff Barton stated that most schools teach RSHE in an age-appropriate manner, however, schools have little support, training and resources.
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