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October 31, 2023

TikTok faces fresh calls for ban over Hamas content

  • TikTok is facing new calls for a ban after it emerged that it is awash with videos glorifying Hamas.
  • The pro-Hamas material comes despite TikTok’s own guidelines banning any content that praises or glorifies extremist organisations.
  • Last night, Ofcom stated it had written to TikTok over the risk of harmful content related to the Israel-Hamas war being accessed by users.
  • The emergence of Hamas material on TikTok comes days after the Online Safety Act came into law, which places legal responsibility on tech companies to remove illegal content or face fines worth billions of pounds.
  • TikTok said it was reviewing the Arabic search term and would remove anything that violated its community guidelines.
  • The European Commission has demanded information from TikTok over how it curbed the spread of Hamas content.
  • For more, please visit The Telegraph website.

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Before and after school childcare: Everything you need to know about wraparound care

  • The Department for Education (DfE) is supporting working families through the UK Government’s biggest investment into childcare.
  • The DfE are increasing the number of wraparound care places available for primary school children.
  • Wraparound care is before and after school childcare for primary school aged children in England during term time, such as breakfast clubs and regular afterschool provision that runs up to 6pm or later.
  • Around 60% of primary schools across England currently offer wraparound care, both before and after school.
  • The goal is for all parents in England with primary school aged children to be able to access wraparound care in their local area.
  • Local authorities will receive £289 million in funding to accommodate and plan this.
  • For more, please visit the HM Government website.

World-first cyber security story book aimed at young children is unveiled

  • A world-first illustrated children’s book designed to teach children aged 4-7 about cyber security and how to protect their information online is being launched.
  • Education Scotland and the Scottish Government have unveiled ‘The Bongles and The Crafty Crows’ which teaches children how to create passwords and passcodes, helping them explore, play and communicate while using digital technologies, keeping their online information safer.
  • The book has been designed to equip teachers, parents and carers with an attractive resource to deliver important cyber resilience skills and is supported by a range of learning activities and materials.
  • Primary 1 pupils across Scotland will receive a free copy of the book due to be distributed in November 2023, ahead of Scottish Book week.
  • Gaelic language versions will be sent to schools delivering in that medium.
  • For more, please visit the STV News website.