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February 12, 2024

Investigation as ‘school pupils access child abuse images’ on Snapchat 

  • School pupils are sharing child abuse images of young children and babies on Snapchat.
  • Police are investigating and working with schools to address the issue.
  • Snapchat has reported that such material has “no place” on its platform.
  • For more, please visit the Yahoo News website.

British boys more at risk of modern slavery than any other group in UK, says study 

  • Criminal exploitation is the most common type of modern slavery in the UK in the past four years, and it mostly affects British boys aged 17 and under, according to the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ).
  • Concerns exist that authorities fail to identify criminal exploitation due to the victims’ association with criminality themselves.
  • The report also demands a new law tackling so-called cuckooing, where a victim is made to store weapons or criminal proceeds on their property.
  • For more, please visit The Guardian website.

Instagram and Threads will no longer ‘proactively’ recommend political content 

  • Meta is removing political content from recommendations on Instagram and Threads.
  • This is to avoid its platforms becoming like X (formerly Twitter), which is known for heated political debates.
  • Users will still be able to see political content from accounts they follow, but it will no longer be proactively recommended.
  • For more, please visit the Tech Crunch website.

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‘Sensitive personal data’ linked to people at school leaked online after cyber attack 

  • Hackers published sensitive personal data of people connected to a Buckinghamshire school on the dark web.
  • The school took steps to contain the attack such as informing the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), National Cyber Security Centre, police and the local authority.
  • The school have reported that they are focusing on resolving the issue and providing updates as they emerge.
  • For more, please visit the Yahoo News website.