Thank you for joining us!

It was a pleasure to have you with us for the official Dumfries and Galloway virtual launch! By now you hopefully have full access to your Safer Schools App and have been exploring all the benefits and features it has to offer. Below you will find everything you need for the journey towards a successful launch for your entire school community.

“Safer Schools are essentially a dream team; their safeguarding credentials are second to none.”
Audrie Lowrie, Safer Schools Ambassador

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Discover your Safer Schools App

Your Safer Schools App is so packed with valuable content and that is why we have created the Discover Document, which summarises everything contained within your virtual launch event so you can check it out at your own pace. Simply click the image on the left to download it.

Alternatively, if you are a visual and audio learner, you can rewatch the session below!

We, at Zurich Municipal, recognise that safeguarding children and young people is one of the most important issues facing parents, carers and those responsible for educating and empowering them. I am absolutely delighted that we are launching the Safer Schools App for schools within Dumfries & Galloway Council

Anne Norrie, Regional Manager at Zurich Municipal Scotland

With features and benefits like those mentioned in the document, you don’t want to be missing out!

Launching in your School?

If you already have your App and are familiar with its features, it’s time to start thinking about launching it in your whole school community! That probably sounds like a gargantuan task, which is why we have created this Launch Plan, which takes you through your launch step-by-step, and role-by-role, to make the process easier and successful. Simply click the image on the right to download the Scottish School Launch Plan.

The video from the session is also available –

“Launching well is about building momentum by creating points of intentional, educational engagement for all members of the school community.”

Colin Stitt, Safer Schools Team Leader

You’re ready to launch, but have you customised your App?

Within your App we can display your logo and a photo of your school in the Main Menu, another photo at the top of your Video Hub, and include your news feed, school calendar and social media links in the News Hub section of your App. Simply click the button to fill out the form.

Safer Schools App Masterclass

The Safer Schools App Masterclass will get you and your staff up to speed with the App’s deeper features. Share it with your team to get everyone on the same page and ready to get the most out of the App.

Check out our Support Centre for Frequently Asked Questions about the App!

Alternatively you can get in touch with our Safer Schools team today!