Benefits of the Ecosystem

For Pupil

  • Find resources with helpful advice on the topics and issues that you experience both online and offline, including the latest trends, apps, games and social media platforms that you and your friends are using.
  • Learn about important topics, such as gaming risks, scams, online friendships and exam pressures, and take quick quizzes and digital tests on topics to chart your learning progress.
  • Find out what to do when you see something online that upsets or worries you, or when you’re struggling with an issue, including knowing who to talk to and how you can seek further support.
  • Know you’re being proactive in your own safety and participating in the wider school community’s efforts to keep you and your classmates safe online.
  • Learn about the importance of keeping yourself and your information private online, including personal details, protecting your passwords and what to do if you lose control of an image online.
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