In this session, taken on Thursday 2nd May 2024, Colin Stitt, the head of Safer Schools, explains more about the Safer Schools Digital Safeguarding Ecosystem, including resources and services available to you as a school with your full package of insurance via our partners at Zurich Municipal via your Trust. Following this, Natalie from the Service Engagement Team will take you through your Safer Schools England App and Web Management Portal to help get you started with the basics!

Please Note that this recording is only suitable training for those who are school Admin Account Holders for the Safer Schools England App. Other Staff should view our instructional videos and support articles found below.

The Support Centre

Check out the Support Centre for helpful articles with step by step instructions and pictures for school staff, parents, carers and school admins, as well as some answers to frequently asked questions.

Instructional Videos

Do you have Staff or Parents who need a walk-through of the Safer Schools England App? Send them to our short Instructional Video sessions, where Natalie will walk them through the process of setting up their account, logging in for the first time and exploring the Online Safety content.

Register for your school app

Not yet registered? Click here, fill in the form and watch your inbox for your Welcome Email within 48 hours!

Please Note that failure to fill in the form correctly will delay your onboarding. Please ensure you select School/Academy when asked if you’re registering on behalf of a School, Local Authority or your entire Trust.

Bespoke Resources

When you’re ready to, advertise to your school community that you are a safer school with these bespoke email signatures we’ve created just for the United Learning Trust. 

General Steps (applicable to most email clients):

  1. Create or edit your signature: Access your email settings and locate the section for creating or editing your email signature.
  2. Insert the Safer Schools email signature image: Insert the downloaded image from where you have saved this on your computer.
  3. Select the image: Click on the image to make it the active element in your signature.
  4. Add the hyperlink: Look for the “Insert Hyperlink” or “Link” button in the editing toolbar. It might be a paperclip icon or a chain symbol.
  5. Enter In the provided field.
  6. Save the signature: Once you’ve added the link, confirm any additional options and save your signature updates.