As cybercrimes become more sophisticated and innovative, even the most confident and well versed on scams and cyber risks amongst us must remember to be alert and humble in our knowledge.

Institutions such as schools continue to be a target, with

69% of educational institutes undergoing a phishing attack in 2021
83 percent of schools experiencing at least one type of cyber security incident in 2019.

Despite this,

only 49% of educational institutes are confident of their preparedness about cyber-attacks.

We want to help your school become a cyber resilient community. Not only do cybercrimes leave your school open to becoming financial victims but the risk of data leaks and losing access to network-connected IT services could result in considerable disruption and ongoing consequences.

Our cyber security service will provide your school with updates and alerts on cyber security threats, risks, and trends such as phishing, scams, and impersonation attempts.

Delivered through a direct point of contact for schools, this service will provide mentoring, advice, and training to all faculty members in reducing the risks associated with data breaches.

We will also support and advise you on how best to achieve the Cyber Essentials Certification, the government-backed scheme that guides you in protecting your organisation against a range of the most common cyber-attacks.

Benefits of cyber security essentials:

  • Get direct personalised mentoring and advice for all school staff in reducing the risks of becoming victims of cyber security threats.
  • Be kept informed about new and developing threats, such as scams.
  • Reduce your school’s risks and know you’re being proactive in your approach to cyber security.
  • Get useful advice and support to help your school achieve the Cyber Essentials Certification.