Date Published: 12th May, 2021

This year, the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) has themed Mental Health Awareness Week around nature, claiming it is “our great untapped resource for a mentally healthy future.” Check out their suggestions for how to best connect with nature here 

The MHF promotes Mental Health Awareness Week to encourage open discussions about mental health and provide support to those who need it. 

According to the Royal College of Psychiatristsnearly 400,000 children and 2.2m adults in the UK have sought help with their mental health during the pandemic, with NHS digital data showing that this crisis is affecting under-18s the most.  

Earlier this year Childline raised concerns about mental health counselling services. Passing 50,000 sessions across the UK between April – December 2020there was a 16% increase in the average mental health counselling session for children aged up to 11 years old and a 10% rise in counselling about loneliness across all groups.

The impact of multiple lockdowns during the COVID19 pandemic has brought profound challenges for children and young people. Every child deserves access to the right support and our focus on their Mental Health has never been more important. 

Colin Stitt, Head of Service and Safer Schools, INEQE Safeguarding Group. 

The temptation to rush back into “normal” is at an all-time high. As we begin to revert to the old routines, returning to school, work and extracurricular activities, it’s easy to become frustrated, disappointed, or anxious. At INEQE Safeguarding Group, we are here to help you support the children and young people in your care. Below, you’ll find some useful links to some of our mental health awareness resources.

To learn more about how you can support children with their mental health, you can access our Free CPD certified Mental Health Awareness Course in the Safer Schools App.

5 Ways Young People Can Cope
With Stress

Eating Disorders and the Impact of Social Media

A Rise in Eating Disorders

Self-Harm and Peer Support

Talking to Young People About Suicide

State of the Nation

Children’s Mental Health Week

Emotions Journal

Gratitude Journal Guide

Information Advice and Guidance

Support for Young People:


Young Minds (Information and Advice)

Young Minds (Crisis Messenger)

Support for Parents:

Family Lives

Young Minds (Parents Helpline)

Support for Teachers:

NSPCC Child Protection Helpline

Mental Health Foundation (Mental Health Guide for Teachers)


If you have concerns about the immediate safety and wellbeing of a child contact the police using 999 (emergency number).

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