Welcome to the ‘Launch Your App’ Page

Our ‘Launch Your App’ Page is a one-stop shop where you will find everything you need to help you get up to speed with the app, launch in your school and tell everyone about the App.

Our Graphic Library contains graphics, images and logos that you can use for a branding campaign to make sure everyone knows you are a Safer School. In our Promote the App section you will find template letters to help you get everyone informed and excited about the App.

Launch Plan

Template Letters

Launching the App in your entire school community can seem daunting, so we have created resources to make it as easy as possible for you.

Letter to Parents


Letter to Parents


Letter to Pupils


Letter to Pupils



Template Letter

Letter to Staff

Download and Login Instructions

QR Code Handout

Blank Template Letter


Email Headers

Email Signature

General Steps (applicable to most email clients):

  1. Create or edit your signature: Access your email settings and locate the section for creating or editing your email signature.
  2. Insert the Safer Schools email signature image: Insert the downloaded image from where you have saved this on your computer.
  3. Select the image: Click on the image to make it the active element in your signature.
  4. Add the hyperlink: Look for the “Insert Hyperlink” or “Link” button in the editing toolbar. It might be a paperclip icon or a chain symbol.
  5. Enter https://oursaferschools.co.uk/iom-app/: In the provided field.
  6. Save the signature: Once you’ve added the link, confirm any additional options and save your signature updates.

Push Notification Map

Want to use Push Notifications but not sure what to send?

With this Push Notification Map you’ll never be lost for words…or resources! There is a topical online safety related Push Notification for major events/days through the school calendar, as well as some extras! All notifications are accompanied by suggested resources or content you can ‘push’ your user towards. Filter by Online Safety Topic or time of year, you’ll always find something to help keep your Safer Schools Isle of Man App alive in the pockets of your users.

*Note this may trigger an automatic download.